Lake Como Design Festival 2023

Lake Como Design Festival 2023

The prestigious Rossana Orlandi Gallery debuted at the Lake Como Design Festival, presenting the art-design project LEWIT, a monumental bed sculpture arising from a creative symbiosis between Draga & Aurel and eclectic architect Giuliano dell’Uva.

The basic geometric shapes, contrast with bare materials, bright, vivid colors, and neon accent lights recall works by the great minimalists, from Donald Judd and Dan Flavin to the clever conceptual architectural installations of Sol LeWitt, to whose name the bed pays tribute. In contrast, the cashmere and wool plaid — created as a limited edition for the project by Somma1867 — features a free, abstract, and “wild” composition by Aurel K. Basedow. His design contains clear references to American expressionism and action painting, in which gesture becomes form and form comes to life through color.

In keeping with the festival’s theme “Naturalis Historia”, Draga & Aurel’s work expressed an encounter between nature, as marvelous as it is powerful, and humankind.

Villa Olmo, Como
16-24 September, 2023

Photos by Riccardo Gasperoni