Lake Como Design Festival 2022

Lake Como Design Festival 2022

Casa Bianca, Como
Lungo Lario Trento 47
September 17-25, 2022

Draga & Aurel, together with Galerie Philia, are taking part in the fourth edition of the Lake Como Design Festival, presenting an installation of their latest art and design items at the spectacular “Casa Bianca”, a historic residence overlooking Lake Como and for the first time open to the general public.

The free and indefinable forms and mismatched flowing colors of Aurel K. Basedow’s paintings reflect the surrounding space and connect with the resin and concrete coffee tables and chairs and the psychedelic wall lamps. Draga & Aurel have devised an immersive installation, in which the viewer himself becomes the protagonist, together with the works, and in which the boundary between art and design disappears.

Exhibiting alongside Draga & Aurel at Casa Bianca are artists selected by the prestigious Galerie Philia— the perfect expression of Neo-Nomadism, the theme of this year’s festival. An international gallery of contemporary design and modern art with branches in New York, Geneva, Singapore, and Mexico City, Galerie Philia promotes selected works in a transcultural approach that becomes a network of harmoniously interconnected roots in an extensive heterogeneous collection that reveals the beauty of each unique creation.

Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni