Nomad St. Moritz 2020, February 6-9

Nomad St. Moritz 2020, February 6-9

NOMAD VENICE, September 5-8

We are proud to announce that our design studio has been selected by Nomad Circle for St. Moritz 2020.

We will be participating with a site-specific installation titled 'MIMETIC DIALOGUES', which will dress the Nomad living room with unique furniture and abstract paintings.

"Our project aims to be theatre, poetry, and art: a stage and a curtain, where dialogue will be the focus of the scene and will engage the public of Nomad as spectators and actors at the same time. Unique transparent objects, salvaged and reinvented pieces, as well as abstract immersive works, will welcome and surprise in this place of meeting and dialogue, where they, too, will become topics of conversation”.
Draga & Aurel

6 7 8 9 February 2020
Chesa Planta